"Nurturing Roots" Bonded to Sarah Suriano

“Nurturing Roots”
Bonded to Sarah Suriano

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When you see one that speaks to your heart and you are willing to do the task associated with it contact me at siobhan@siobhanbedford.com and we will work out the details so that you are bonded* to you mandala.

Share your Mala Maker experience with words and photos to inspire others. 

*Bonded” is the word I use to describe how you become the owner of the piece, since they are not being sold in the traditional sense. It is similar to being pledged to completing the task associated with each Mandala.

More about the project here


Do I need to pay any money for the art? No. The only payment is the willingness of your heart to fulfill the tasks. I am sharing my art as a catalyst to fuel this project. You will receive the art work and then work on your task. The idea is for the mandala to inspire you. 

*If you live outside of hands reach and shipping is required I will ask you to pay for having it shipped to you.

Can I share the task with someone else?Yes. You can do tasks together or for each other. This would well for couples, friends, family or businesses. Just contact me to discuss ways to make it work as a joint effort.

Can I suggest a task? Yes. I encourage you to share ideas with me for tasks that are mindful and/or kind. If I feel like your idea will work as part of the project I will designate a mandala for the task.

How do I share my experience? You are encouraged to document your experience with words and photos or any other creative way you chose to express yourself.  You can email photos to me and I’ll post them. I am working on a “Meet a Mala Maker Feature” Your experience will inspire others.

What if I decide I can’t do the task after I receive the art? By becoming part of the Mandala Mala project you are committing to doing the task. It is best to start doing the task right way. If you find for whatever reason you cannot do the task. Return the art to me so someone else can complete the circle.



"Bee" Bonded to Laura Prell

Bonded to Laura Prell