encaustic-mandala-by- Siobhan Bedfod

“The Meditator Within”
Bonded to Leigh Anne Landis
#27 in the Mandala Mala Project


Pay it forward art…for your soul

I am creating 108 Mandala art pieces that are being released into the world to serve as inspiration to complete tasks and intentions.

Every Mandala I make is an expression of soul that I hope will light up your heart. As you participate in the project your own light will shine as you practice the task associated with your Mandala.

My hope is that this will inspire your heart to light up and bring kindness to…


Your day to day inner circle!

Our world!

Even our universe!

Because although we often feel we are small, we really are part of something very big. I believe we all know this deep in our hearts but have a tendency to forget.

The Mandalas are reminders and catalysts to transform our world with our hearts.

The Mandala Mala project is a gift of art in exchange for the gift of your open heart the mandalas are meant to be reminders and catalysts to transform.

Learn more about joining the project here

What is a Mandala?

So glad you asked… It’s a beautiful Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. Yep. Just an ordinary circle. As a symbol, a circle can represent the universe, focus, cycles, infinity and so much more. When filled with designs and images, it becomes a Mandala and can be used for ritual and meditation.

What is a Mala?

You may be familiar with mala beads, strands of 108 beads used in meditation and often draped over beautiful Asian statues. In yoga, we perform 108 continuous sun salutations. In a broader sense, a mala can be doing any mindful task 108 times. It can open the heart and transform your life.

What Does Bonded Mean?

 “Bonded” is the word I use to describe how you become the owner of the piece, since they are not being sold in the traditional sense. It is similar to being pledged to completing the task associated with each Mandala.


For me the soul of yoga is transformation through breath and mindfulness. Yoga goes beyond asana on the mat, becoming intertwined with daily life and creative expression. Yoga can be infused into everything I do, including being an artist. I am endeavoring to build a bridge between my art and my yoga.

In yoga, the hands are often placed over the heart as a way to connect with the power of love. In art making, the hands are used as an extension of the heart to express something from the heart in material form. The making of art can be very meditative, it is one of the best ways for me to connect with my true self. However, art making is sometimes a struggle because it requires significant time and often I just feel creatively drained from being out of touch. I am doing this project to heal my own creative heart. I want to reconnect with creativity as my gift by sharing it and letting it become something truly positive in the world.


Really! I don’t climb on the table to meditate…just thought it would be a cool photo!


EASY TO HANG: The mandalas are made on cradled board so they are ready to hang or sit on a shelf.

TECHNIQUE: The mandalas are made using a mix of pencil, water color, ink, paint, collage, markers, and little gems. They are then sealed using encaustic.

ENCAUSTIC: Encaustic is a technique of applying hot wax with a brush. Then a heat gun is used to smooth and seal the wax. It keeps the mandalas protected and creates a beautiful texture that can be polished to shine. Some mandalas are embellished with metallic finishes and have little gems, so when the light hits them they reflect and change.

SIZES: The Mandalas are made in 3 sizes 5″x 5″ , 8″x 8″ and 12″x12″

Prepping Mandalas by painting edges

All of the pieces in the project are divided into 4 groups of 27

Each group of 27 pieces of art will be devoted to one the following themes

1. Yourself – the place of true beginning
2. Your inner circle – family and friends
3. Your World – larger community on this planet
4.The Universe – God, Goddess, Your higher power, LOVE